When did you start your radio career?

I want to say that my career started when I signed with FM1 back in 2017. Before that, I was just another talent in a student DJ program.

How did you get into radio?

I first auditioned for a student DJ back in 2012 and got turned down by this dude named CJ because apparently, I was missing something. So I auditioned for his station’s sister station the following year and got in. The rest is history.

Any memorable thing happen in your rookie year as a jock?

Probably being the one to boot up FM1’s first broadcast.

Did you have the full support of your family when you started out?
Well, they were happy that I found a hobby. But when I told them I was offered to be part of FM1’s lineup and the possible opportunities it could bring me, they were pretty much on board.

When you’re not on air, what kind of music do you listen to aside from the music you play on REPUBLIKA FM1?
I listen to pretty much everything. I’ve got a very eclectic playlist. One day it could be 50’s, the next it could be 80’s and 90’s. But I usually frequent a lot of hip-hop and RnB just because it sets the mood for me. I’m just not the type to openly say it or start dressing like the artists themselves.