When did you start your radio career?

I started my radio career as a DJ back in the early 90s while I was still in College. Now you have an idea how old I am. *wink wink ☺

How did you get into radio?

It was a Mother’s Day weekend and my college best friend, who was then a DJ in K-Lite Davao, asked me to swing by the station so we could both buy flowers for our moms together after her boardwork. When I got there, I saw several girls waiting in their office. Turned out the station was hiring and those girls were auditioning.  While I was waiting for my friend inside the booth, she gave me a newspaper and asked me to read it in the recording room. There was a Top-of-the-Hour spiel too. I said no a couple of times because I wasn’t applying (I wanted to be a journalist, not a DJ), but my friend was adamant. So I reluctantly did the recording. 

I left the building that same day with a new job, and I went home with fresh flowers for my mom.

How was your first boardwork?

It was horrible, lol! I sounded like I was fresh from the grave, so bereft of life! Oh well, it was a graveyard shift anyway. The booth’s landline kept ringing the whole time I was on — after every single adlib. Yes, I had a very persistent caller – our Station Manager. 😛

Any memorable thing happened in your rookie year as a jock?

I was new but when I was transferred to an earlier timeslot, I got to interview a few artists like Marco Sison, Teeth, and Rivermaya, among others. I also earned a few avid listeners who would give me surprise visits to the station, bringing gifts from food to accessories. And then I learned how to earn extra by selling ad spots. 

But the most memorable thing that ever happened within my first few years in radio was when I got the opportunity to promote aspiring local artists by playing their original compositions in my program. A local recording outfit produced their album called “Screams of the South” where I was included in the credits. It’s something I would treasure forever.

Did you have the full support of your family when you started out?

100%. My family has always been my strongest support system. My brothers would even keep me in the know about artists and songs that were making waves in radio, and even in the underground music scene. We always had “Song Hits” at home, and we’d monitor other radio stations to keep ourselves updated. 

When you’re not on-air, what kind of music do you listen to aside from the 80s, 90s & Y2K?

Nothing. You don’t take those choices away from me. Just kidding. I listen to the more recent ones as well. I have no specific genre of preference, it all depends on my mood. But mostly, especially when I’m in the mood for singing, I’m more inclined to belting out alternative rock songs. Also recently, I’ve been listening to some Visayan pop and R&B songs from local artists I discovered on YouTube.