Big D

When did you start your radio career?

I started my radio career at the beginning of the 90s.

How did you get into radio?

A friend and his family owned a radio station in Davao. I was in the studios often since a couple of good friends of mine worked there. The family gave me the opportunity to do a Sunday show. I eventually did weekdays after a while. We played a combination of Jazz and R&B. The station was OZ 99.5 The Quiet Storm

How was your first boardwork?

When I was just hanging out at the station, my friends used to let me spin for them while they took a quick break. I’d watch over the equipment and the music playing.  However, I was not allowed to adlib on air. Obviously. Which led to a disaster of a first boardwork. My use of the equipment was fine. It was my first use of the mic that went pretty bad. After my first ever adlib, I cued my next song. I couldn’t hear anything. I tried different players. CD player, the turntable, even the cassette player. No sound came out. I started cussing loudly. It was frustrating. I called for the tech and asked for help. He came over. And turned off the mic button. I taught myself not to cuss ever. Specially when I’m in front of the mic. 

Any memorable thing happened in your rookie year as a jock?

My first year as a jock went pretty fast. It was mostly uneventful. Except for many times I felt so bad when my friends , the crew, left the station to eat or hang out. I was on at 6-10pm. And in those days, Davao establishments would close at around 9pm.

Did you have the full support of your family when you started out?

I did not have the support of my family when I started out. And for good reason. I dropped out of college to be a radio DJ. There were times I wouldn’t be woken up in the morning despite my request. I’d miss boardwork then. Which would get me in trouble at the station too. My family was just waiting for me to get tired of it and move on to something else. But they saw how I really liked what I was doing and was committed to it. They eventually gave their support and expressed how proud of me they were. I still carry that feeling to this day.

When you’re not on air, what kind of music do you listen to?

There was all sorts of music genre that played in the house while I was growing up. In fact, a Sunday thing for us to do when I was small was to lie down on my Dad and Mom’s bed and listen to all sorts of music, all day long. My Pop listened to Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and even Raoul Orellana. He also bought me a Howard Jones album. Said he liked the music. So I grew up appreciating a whole range of music. I have several playlists on my gadgets. RnB, Standards, 70s rock, Retro jams, among others. Lately, thanks to my wife and kids, I have a couple of KPop playlists which I enjoy too.