When did you start your radio career?

I started working for radio in 1991. 

How did you get into radio?

The news director for City Lite 88.3, Armie Jarin invited me to audition. Happened to be at the station for my thesis. Passed the audition and was told to return after graduation.

How was your first boardwork?

Was extremely nervous. Made so many mistakes during my live newscasts. Pressured as well because our newscasts were sponsored.  Worried they might pullout. 

Any memorable thing happened in your rookie year?

When I first started,  can’t forget the days when my boss would call me to his office to read my newscast. This was after  hearing my mistakes on air.

Did you have the full support of your family when you started out?

My family was behind me all way. My mom would sometimes visit me at the station just to see how I work. 

When you’re not on air, what kind of music do you listen to?

Definitely 70’s music. I love disco!